Sport, Physical activity and health: from physiopathological mechanisms to personalized care

Our team’s ambition is to develop research for :
– preserving the health of populations that are too or insufficiently physically active (i.e. inactive populations, employees, astronauts, high-level athletes)
– improving the management of pathological populations through physical activity and/or sport (i.e. cancer, arteriopathy, diabetes, obesity…).

PRACTISE is developing fundamental research aimed at better characterizing the physiological effects of physical activity on at-risk or pathological populations. The specificity of this team is to have an expertise and technological tools to evaluate these effects by experimental approaches ranging from the muscle cell in contraction to the human in movement.

This team is also interested in nutrition (micronutrition, food supplements) as a complementary strategy to optimize health. Specifying or optimizing the modalities of practice is an essential goal in order to improve the prescription and management of patients through physical activity, and to preserve the health of populations in general and at risk.

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