Amélie Rebillard




  • Associate Professor (HDR)- M2S Lab (University of Rennes 2)

Research topics

  • Physical activity and cancer
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in cancer growth

Research projects

  • Région Bretagne CRITT project : Effects of pomegranate juice and exercise training on prostate cancer growth PROGRAPS
  • Région Bretagne CRITT project : Effect of antioxidant supplementation on colon cancer related cachexia OXIMAC
  • Ligue Contre le Cancer 35, 22 project : Physical activity and Prostate Cancer : Interactions with radiation?
  • CORECT project : Impact of physical activity status on liposarcoma development – APSARC

PhD students

  • DUFRESNE Suzanne (2016-       ) : Exercise training, prostate cancer and treaments : What’s the involved molecular mechanisms?
  • ASSI Mohamad (2013-2016) : Deciphering signaling pathways involved in muscle wasting related to cancer cachexia
  • GUERITAT Jordan (2011-2015)


Keywords : Physical activity, cancer, oxidative stress, diet, radio/chemotherapy

Mots clés : Sport, Cancer, Stress oxydant, nutrition, radio/chimiothérapie

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