Anne-Hélène Olivier





Research topics

  • Analysis and modeling of human locomotor trajectories
  • Interactions between humans
  • Virtual Reality for experimental analysis


Research projects

  • French National ANR Franco-german project “OPMoPS” (2017-2020): Organized Pedestrian Movement in Public Spaces
  • French National ANR JCJC project “Percolation” (2013-2017): next generation crowd simulators
  • European FP7 FET-Open collaborative project “Tango” (2010-2014): emotional interaction grounded in realistic context
  • French National ANR PSIROB project “Locanthrope” (2007-2010): Computational models of human locomotion


PhD students

  • LYNCH Sean D. (2015-2018)
    Visual perception of human motion during interactive locomotor tasks

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