Alexis Le Faucheur



  • Associate Professor (HDR) – ENS Rennes
  • M2S laboratory and CIC INSERM 1414 (“Ischemia, macro and microcirculation” team)

Research topics

  • Measurement of physical activity and walking capacity in peripheral artery disease
  • Pathophysiological adaptations to exercise in peripheral artery disease

Research projects

  • CLASH : Peripheral artery disease and exercise ischemia : walking capacity variability, pain occurrence and underlying pathophysiological adaptations
  • ACTI-GPS : Combination of GPS and accelerometry to study human locomotion and assess the related energy expenditure
  • POST-GPS : Applicability of the GPS technique to assess ambulatory walking capacity in peripheral artery disease
  • SHERPAM: Sensors for HEalth Recording and Physical Activity Monitoring

PhD students

  • Pierre-Yves de Müllenheim (2013-2016)
    Exercise ischemia and functional limitation in peripheral artery disease
  • Ségolène Chaudru (2014-2017)
    Detection of asymptomatic peripheral artery disease and study of functional and pathophysiological profile

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