Interactions between players

One focus of M2S is advancing understanding of human interaction in sports by capturing and analysing real sport situations.

Interactions and VR

We develop experiments with virtual reality to accurately investigate interactions between people

Cycling and training

We use a multi parametric approach to link micro traumatic risks and cycling for posture optimization and performance.

A biological approach of physical exercise

We explore skeletal muscle plasticity in response to physical exercise, inactivity and chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes

A physiological approach of physical exercise

We explore physiological responses to acute and chronic exercise in athletes and patients

A multidisciplinary approach for health and performance

The “Movement, Sport and health Sciences” laboratory (M2S) is a team of scientists and clinicians working together for a better understanding of the effects of physical activity and sports on health and performance. By combining biomechanical and biological approaches, M2S develops knowledge for physical activity recommendations to prevent health disorders or improve quality of life of chronic diseases (e.g cancer, diabetes) and develops innovative research to prevent injuries and improve performance (i.e. physiological profile, technical aspects and decision making).